About ARM Metal Recycling CO.

Our Company

The leading scrap metal recycling company in UAE.

Based in Sharjah – UAE, Al Rukn Metal is a subsidiary of ARM Metal Recycling company based in Houston – Texas, USA. An energetic and dynamic organization, founded as a result of deep involvement and comprehensive experiences gathered around the world. Strengthened by our local and international strategic business partners, toward wider scale involvement in the fast-growing development opportunities, we aim to serve our local communities in the region to the best of our abilities. We aspire to be best in recycling business with prime focus on environmental sustainability at the core of all our operations.

The company maintains its dedication to produce a high quality of shredded materials and scrap metal products that meets our customer’s quality standards. Our main goal is to deliver quality product and services for our customer’s satisfaction.

Board of management

Abdul Rashid Zakaria


➢ Over 40 years of experience in creating and managing of businesses organization in different fields (retail, real estate development, distribution).
➢ Well recognized and successful executive in U.S. with vast experience in strategic management while understanding market opportunities within diverse business environment.
➢ Mr. Zakaria is an iconic businessman, well known as person with principles, and one of the highest trusted advisor among the community.
Founder and Co-partner (inclusive but not exclusive) Of:
* Lone Star Petroleum.
* ZakOil International.
* Sugarland Petroleum.
* ARM Metal Recycling.

Hasan Zakaria

Chief Executive Officer

➢ Holding a bachelor’s in accounting and finance.
➢ Over 10 Years of experience in Accounting, Finance and Operations Management.
➢ Specialize in data analytics and technology within organizations to help drive the Sales and Profitability.
➢ Working with management to restructure and revitalize Business strategy in various businesses that the group owned and operated in Real estate Development, QSR and C Store Outlets.
➢ Taking an extremely Competitive industry and finding ways to create more revenue streams by Branding and Reinventing the Concept.
➢ CEO and Co-Founder of Lone Star Market
➢ CEO and Co-Founder of ARM Metal  

Ammar Shtaiwi

Managing Director

➢ Highly qualified mechanical and metallurgy engineer (BS), with post graduation certificates in Finance and project management.
➢ Over 26 years in heavy industrial engineering and an extensive hands-on experience in maintenance, operation, projects and investment fields.
➢ Executive managerial positions with a track record in multinational companies (Jordan, Yemen, Sudan, Srilanka, Egypt and UAE) within; cement, industrial engineering and metal recycling industries.
➢ Co-Founder/partner: Aqaba Future - Investment and business development company -Marine & Industrial contracting.
➢ Co-Founder/partner: Gulf Water Sports Company.
➢ Joined ARM Metal Recycling in late 2016.  

Our Values

Represent our understanding of the business sector, throughout years of interaction with diverse cultures, dealing with serious situations under different circumstances. It states our commitment in respect of the following principles:

➢ Safeguarding of the environment by utilizing innovative technologies, reservation of natural resources and use renewable energy sources.
➢ Integrity, transparency, honesty, fairness and mutual respect in managing the company and in its relations with stakeholders and business partners.
➢ Valuing diversity and cultural identity.
➢ Developing a high standard safety at work, professional growth and human rights.

Our Vision

Our company exists to provide one thing – customer satisfaction and that is why we opt to maintain our quality standards ,To be a world class business provider, building better and sustainable future for local community.

Our Mission

To enhance and grow our core metal recycling business internationally, while also developing innovative solutions for the benefits of all our business partners.